I once had a dream!

Dreams, the word raises a sense of hope within an individual. Everybody has dreams. Some are short-sighted while the others are too far-fetched. As a kid, I too had dreams. Not nearsighted but a lot much of far-sighted. I always wanted to be an engineer since third grade. This urge bothered me as a kid not because my parents were forcing me to be, one as it usually happens in Indian society. My parents were too supportive. They never pressurized me to choose an occupation of their choice. They always respected my views. As a kid seeing all my elder brothers and sisters being engineers, I decided I also wanted to be one among them when I grew up. Every time my engineer brother and sister visited me in lower school, their stories of studying engineering in one of the best campuses around the country namely IIT, NIT, BITS, and other top colleges fascinated me. Since then, I too wanted to spend my future days studying in one of those colleges. I was always a smart kid in class. Maths slowly turned to be my favorite subject over the years. The time finally came to work hard to achieve what I always wanted as a kid. Two years of pre-university life I kind of jailed myself. Worked hard but could never make it up to the mark. When the pre-university level was over, those last days after the entrance exam struck me hard. I was nowhere near to getting into those dream colleges. It was as if all the hopes which I had built since childhood got shattered. At last, I made it into one of the state’s top colleges. By then, I had lost interest in studying. I did not seem as though I was into depression but actually, I was into one. People always tell mental health is the most important thing a person should worry about, before this I always felt nothing of such exists. But when I faced it I realized it does matter. Because of this mindset, I failed terribly in my first year of engineering. Rather than my mental health improving these events worsened it. Nobody blamed me then too. My parents were still supportive. But I did not seem to improve. Before dreaming something huge, we should check upon ourselves if we can handle the failure that follows if we end up not achieving it. As a kid, I never got an opportunity to think so beyond. People started advising me that it is wrong to have dreams beyond our capacity, but after two years of continuous failure, I realized that we should never give up on ourselves. I have lost myself in this process of failure but as they say get up each time you fall, so readers let us pledge today that getting up from each failure and dreaming something big and working hard towards it will be our biggest dream. “I will dream big and achieve something great someday”.


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